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happy new year!!

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2010 turned into 2011 and we had a small family party at home withoysters, prosecco and karaoke
And kissing of ocurse ;-)
Went to Bath for a little mini staycation and to the Roman Baths
As well as the Fashion Museum
Where I tried on the smallest corset they had ;-)

Wore a lot of Vintage
Celebrated birthdays
Flew to Courmayor, Italy
Found out we were expecting a baby :-)
Went on a five star holiday to Mexico, didn't feel five star as I was in the first trimester of my pregnancy :-S
Went vintage-shopping
Took the Eurostar to Paris with Shirin and my mum
Celebrated the royal wedding with afternoon tea at my stepbrothers flat on the river
Had bad Swedish meatballs in Brick Lane
Went to Madrid with Husband and the P's
Celebrated our Wedding anniversary in Paris
Was invited to a lovely wedding in Devon (was 5 months pregnant and still wearing those Louboutins)
More afternoon tea, celebrating Shirin's b-day at the Haymarket hotel in Piccadilly
Visited my brother+family in Sweden
Husband bought me a new watch by Michael Kors
Tried new hairstyles
Went on my last holiday for the year, before the baby was born, to Stockholm to see family and friends
Found some old pictures of my grandparents and me as a baby ;-)
Had a girly weekend with my niece and goddaughter Ingrid
Passed my driving licence and drove to Devon
Went on a date with Husband and the P's to Asia de Cuba
Had drinks at W Hotel in Piccadilly
Flew to Blackpool and back, Husband being the pilot
Celebrated my birthday in Louis Vuitton with Husband buying me the Neverfull bag
Had birthday afternoon tea with Shirin at the Claridges hotel
Photographed the bump :-)
Had a babyshower at home with Shirn baking 60 cupcakes from scratch
Two weeks from giving birth, we celebrated Husband's birthday at home with a fabulous dinner party for friends and family
Kept on dressing up and wearing heels
Realised how big I was :-P
Gave birth to a gorgeous baby girl who we named Astrid after Astrid Lindgren the author of Pippi Longstocking
Husband gave a fabulous pair of Miu Miu heels as a present for giving birth :-)
Started our life as a family of three with a walk in the park
Tried to get back in shape, but what was the point with Christmas coming up :-)
Visited Santa at Harrods with the Green-Judge family
My dad and his wife visited us for a long weekend and we went for a walk in the Epping Forrest
Got into my superskinny jeans :-D
I am now waiting for my brother and his family to land at Gatwick and for the last day of the year to come and go. It has been a fantastic year 2011 with lots of excitement and change and hoping that next year will be as fabulous :-)
Happy new year guys!!!

2011 round up

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Am planning to wear this dress tomorrow evening for the new years eve celebrations here at home. Havent quiet decided yet as I havent tried it on yet and last time I wore it was Valentine's day, hopefully the draping will hide the belly ;-)

New years eve outfit

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Astrid and I have been to Stratford and back. My brother and his family is coming to stay with us for the new year and we bought Olivia a few Christmas presents. I also had to buy Astrid new clothes as the 0-3 months are too small, at least the onesies as they are too short :-)
Jumper: H&M
Shirt: Primark
Jeans: Topshop
Wedges: Next
Ring: Swarovski
Watch: Michael Kors
Nails: Particulaire by Chanel

Today's outfit

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We have now booked and confirmed the christening and I have also ordered the invitations. What do you think? Isn't it cute? :-D


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I know the picture quality is a bit rubbish, but the battery of my camera has run out and I had to take the pictures with my BlackBerry. I have curled my hair with my new haircurler from Remington (did it really quickly whilst Astrid was asleep). The dress is from ASOS and the ring is the mini nirvana by Swarovski, nails Chanel.


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We went to Kent and to my sister in law to celebrate Christmas like we do almost every year. I wore vintage and Miu Miu.
This is our tree :-)
Husband cooked the turkey before we left and we took it with us to have with the family :-)
The other Christmas tree in Kent
Before dinner and the opening of the presents, there was some hanging to do and
hair to make "pretty" ;-) Didn't hurt one bit :-p
Champagne to had
Posing for pictures :-)
The wine of the evening
Games to be played...
After dinner and before the opening of the presents, the tradition is to dance around the tree :-)
After the presents, which took around 2 hours to open, there was dessert, cheese tray and dessert wine to indulge in
On Christmas day we had left over brunch, more posing, coffee and drove mother in law home
The view from mother in laws flat ;-)
Finally came home at three pm on Christmas day. Happy but very tired
Yesterday was spent at home, except for an hour in the evening when we went to Westfields in Stratford to pick up cupcakes and have dinner at GBK
These cupcakes are good, but not fabulous. They are VERY sweet! Hummingbird Bakery's cupcakes are tonnes better...
Our Chrismas was good, but I think my expectations were a bit too high and got a little disappointed when we didn't do everything I was hoping we would do, so there has been some arguing as well. It is evry easy to run a blog and make ones life look perfect (just wanted to show that we have a perfectly normal life and argue just like everyone else) ;-)
How was your Christmas?

Christmas 2011

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Lace dress: Primark
Wetlook leggings: Topshop
Belt: Primark
Nails: Chanel Blue Boy and Models own smash up
Gold lame dress: Primark
Tights: H&M
Blue suede heels: D&G

Blue Suede& Gold Lame

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Christmas last year was all about me and my extravagant presents. There was no Astrid and no babies to think of. This year is completely different, no overpriced shoes under the tree, there is nothing I want this year. I am happier than I have ever been, very content and that is why I think I'll be fine not shopping for 6 months. I only buy things for the sake of shopping, like a hoarder, I buy things and don't have the time to wear it. Now I appreciate time with my Husband and baby and going for a walk. So instead of going to Stratford Westfield, I will go to Epping Forrest for a walk in the nature. I don't think I have changed much since giving birth to Astrid, I have evolved, become more sensitive and more protective. This is not to say I won't drool over a fabulous pair of heels or a gorgeous looking dress when Vogue arrives in the post :-)
Last year Husband, who hates shopping, went to Selfridges and got me a pair of Christian Louboutin heels and Tiffany earrings and the books I got has made just as happy. I thought when Ididn't have the Louboutins, that having them would make me overcome with joy and they did for a second or two. Sitting looking at Astrid makes me very content and happier than putting the Louboutins on. Isn't it funny how we expect materialistic thing to make us happy and its the simple, back to basic thing that really does it :-)
Hope you all have had a fantastic Christmas with lots of presents (cos they still give us joy) love and food...

A thought

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Spending today chilling with the family. We are going for a walk later and then going to Waitrose to buy dinner...
Below is a picture of all of my fashion books, most them I got this Christmas from Husband. The Chanel was a birthday present a few years ago and the Valentino book was a gift from Husband when we went to Bath and its fashio museum earlier this year...

Just chilling

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Here are some of the fabulous gift I got for Christmas
Husband gave a whole bunch of Fashions books :-) Very me and very thoughtful...
I got an antique bracelet from my sister in law
My stepbrother got me the following three gifts :-) He knows me so well ;-)
Got the gloves from my sister in law and family
The Lancome Beauty Christmas Crackers and the Coco Mademoiselle were from Cassa and Richard, who are relaxing in Trinidad&Tobago, Jealous? Me? Naaaah ;-)
A large box of Ferrero Rocher Chocolate from the neighbours which we finished in no time!
Lantern also from sister in law
A picture frame with pictures of two of my godchildren in it from Karen
A Girls Aloud cd from my 6 year old niece hat she picked all by herslef, which I thought was very sweet :-)
Zumba dvd from Shirin :-)
A picture of my late grandfather from my dad, I love this picture as this is how I would like to remember my grandfather. He was a carpenter and a builder and that is exactly what he looks like here
Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. This was Astrids first Christmas and I think it might have been a little too much for her, but she was very chilled and didn't complain once (just found it a little bit hard to fall asleep last night)

Some of my Christmas ...

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Last wore this dress in the summer when I was pregnant :-)
Dress: Vintage at Beyond Retro
Ring: Topshop
Heels: Miu Miu

The Christmas outfit