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Aren't these snowflakes just gorgeous?!? Imagine if someone made jewellery looking exactly like this, I know I'd buy them in a heartbeat...
Photo: Kenneth Libbrecht, found on www.aftonbladet.se


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Just like everyone else I woke up to this
with Dodger sitting in the window in the bathroom waiting for me to get ready so I could feed him :-)
I realised when doing my make up that I am running out of the best blusher ever! I got a Dior holiday pack from some friends of ours last Christmas which included a blusher.
I thought I'd leave early to go John Lewis and see if they stock the blusher but as soon as I stepped in the snow I realised that there will be a different shopping trip done this morning before work as my lovely furry boots started leaking and by the time I got to Oxford Circus my right foot was soaked! So I went to New Look, which is the cheapest shop in the area and got these ankle boots for £34.99
No fun shopping only boring shopping, even though I do like these booties :-) The fur ones are going in the bin!!!
Am now waiting for the roast chicken with sweet potatoes to be ready so we can eat and then watch crap TV, going to Istanbul very, very soon :-)
Have a fabulous evening!

My day...

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Good morning,
It is snowing outside our house today!! I only get excited the first day then I think the snow should go away until Christmas eve and then never to come back again :-)
Today's look is both casual and glam...
Without coat, hat and scarf I look like this
With the outer wear
The whole double fur looks kind of cute, I thought it would look completely stupid. Also I don't have a choice, I have 113 pairs of heels and only one pair of winter boots. How insane is that? Going to work now in my double fur outfit :-) Confused yeti anyone?
Have a good day lovers ;-)

Today's outfit

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Hello there,
I know I have been a very very bad bad blogger lately but to be honest, I have had nothing to write about! Today I had to get up around 6.30 this morning. I had to get ready to go to work but since there was a tube strike, the second this month, I had to leave extra early to make sure I was at work on time. I left my house when it was still dark outside at 6.50 and was at Starbucks outside my job at 8.30! Had to take a bus, the commuter train, the tube (the one line that was running a special service) and then walk from Green Park, via Starbucks. Yes I had two Starbucks before work!! Don't judge me, I was cold, tired and piss off and need some liquid love and if it wasn't for the fact that it was before 9am, I would have bought something a lot stronger! Anyway, I went to Marc by Marc Jacobs on Saturday to do some Christmas shopping and I also managed to sneak in a  early present for myself. This cute and very blue clutch bag
Which I will bring to Istanbul and make it clash with my outfits :-) Will also bring my Holly Fulton for Atelier Swarovski ring and the Alexander McQueen scarf I'm buying on Wednesday, as well as my Chanel of course :-) I know, far to many name droppings in this post, but I already told, I have nothing to write about! I'll stop before I make a complete ass of myself. I just want to wish my friend Lisa happy birthday for a third time, already sent her a message on Facebook and via text, but you can never wish someone a happy birthday too many times.
Take care for now...

Latest purchase...

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New T-shirt from Marc Jacobs and new fur coat from H&M. I also bought two boyfriend cardigans, a corset and two sets of lingerie :-) On Wednesday, I'll be meting up with Keris and we are going to buy the Alexander McQueen scarf I have been wanting for a while now :-) I'll bring it to Istanbul!
Have a good weekend people...

Today's outfit and...

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This is what I wore when Husband rented a Piper Warrior plane and flew us to Brighton for a coffee and then back again :-)
My new Lanvin hearts H&M t-shirt dress, Uniqlo leggings and furry boots bought in Devon
The pilot himself :-)
Our ride for the day
Concentrate please :-)
Don't we look cute?
A little bit of posing and
a little bit of petrol and off we go :-)
Queen Elizabeth II bridge in Kent
Brighton Marina
Brighton Pier
It was really so much fun and I would definitely do it again :-) I was a little nervous in the beginning and when we were taking off but throughout I was calm. I trust my Husband completely. It is also very sexy to have a pilot as a Husband  hahahaha

Husband flying us ...

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The plane we are f...

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Good norning, I am in the car already driving with Husband to the airfiled where he did his pilot's certificate. We are going on our virgin flight together, with no instructor, just the two of us :-D I'll promise to take lots of pictures and will show you later. It is a gorgeous day to go flying!! Xoxo


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Both rings are from SwarovskiThe skull heels are Alexander McQueenPatent heels: Christian Louboutin
Both watches are Michael Kors. What do you think of my list? I think it is fabulous!!!! And remember I don't expect to get all of them and definitely not the shoes, but it doesn't hurt asking, right? :-D What are you wishing for this Christmas? Something indulgent and decadent? :-)

My wish list for H...

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are we approving of this?

The collection is out on Saturday :-) Happy shopping
All pictures from Vogue

Valentino for GAP

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Good morning,
I'm feeling a little tired today and I look it as you can see :-s Husband came home at 2 this morning and made a lot of noise so I woke up :-( I am off to work in an hour, before that I am having breakfast, have cleaned the kitchen and am now relaxing in my armchair...
Cardigan: Warehouse about 7 years old!! top: Primark, belt: Dorothy Perkins, skirt: H&M old as well...
I hope you all have a fabulous day!

Today's outfit

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I made a plan with Shirin to get up early and leave early to go to H&M in Knightsbridge to try to buy one or two items from the Lanvin heart H&M collection that was released today.
After getting on a train to the wrong direction we reached the queue at 8.45 and was given a wrist band
that entitled us to a shopping slot at 11.25-11.40. So we had over two hours to kill so we went to Starbucks and the manager there is a hottie so I checked him out and then we started talking about boys and kissing and really girlie stuff ;-) Went to Topshop and then to Harrods to look at shoes and then it was 11am and time to go back to H&M and join the queue to make sure we got to our designated shopping slot on time...
It was very civilised and well organised so hats off to H&M. I found the two items I wanted and they were in my size :-)
What could it be in the box? A box that looks like a shoe box?
After shopping, we met up with my Step brother who also went Lanvin hunting, again at the hottie Starbucks, had a lovely time chatting nonsense and then Shirin and I went to Hyde park, which is only a few minutes away and these were some of the pictures we took ;-)
the reaction you get when you just have to find out how cold the water in the lake is :-D
That's how happy I was and still am :-)
This morning I even managed to take pictures of today's outfit! I wasn't even that tired, weird. When I think about it I think it's because I had no alcohol yesterday, which should tell me something :-)
Blazer: H&M (old), jeans, ring and necklace: Topshop, nails: Riviera no 537 by Chanel...
What did you buy in H&M today? Did you get any of the dresses? It has been a long day and I am tired, so I will put on some Sex and the City and rest in my cosy, comfy armchair :-)
See you later dahlings!!
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I got exactly what...