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and this is what I look like
Having coffee with Karen and Jayden. Happy birthday to my cousin Patrick :-)

Going to Ealing this ...

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Blouse: Primark, skirt: Topshop, shoes: New Look (old), ring: Swarovski. Going out to dinner with The P's

This evening's look

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6 DVD's :-) Husband goes away on the 16th for a whole week and I have ordered some movies to keep me company. They are all pretty old and some are favourites from when I was younger and some I just haven't seen.
I loved this movie when I was growning up, I wanted to be Mary Stuart Masterson as I would then get to kiss Eric Stoltz :-)
And in this one I wanted to be Sarah Jessica Parker. I have had a healthy obsession with her for a long time :-)
I've never seen the Mannequin but as it made Kim Cattrall famous I think it is a must see movie when Husband is away.
And there is never a better time for costume dramas and fashion movies than when I have the house to myself and sure Shirin will join me for a few of these movie nights :-) All six DVD's came to under £20 on Amazon...

Just ordered

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Today is  a very special day, it is my godson Jayden's 2nd birthday :-) He is the cutest and cheeckiest little thing around. Happy birthday little boy :-) and I'll see you tomorrow with your presents!!

Happy Birthday, Jayde...

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Good morning,
I am off to work soon, just having my breakfast smoothie as usual. We went to Galipoli restaurant last night, it is a Turkish/Lebanese restaurant on Upper Street, Angel and it is very cosy and the food is lovely :-) This is what I wore
And today
I might not wear these heels as they are not that comfortable...

Today and yesterday

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I got home from work about an hour ago and have been pigging out ever since! Was supposed to do laundry and tidy the house a little but now I am so tired I think I mght have a nap. When I got home this vintage looking Casio watch was waiting for me
I really like it! Tonight we are going out to dinner with Lana and Pedja and I will show you the outfit later. For now this is what I look like as I am drinking my camomille tea
New metallic red nail varnish from O.P.I (bad picture)
To continue the pigging out there is a whole plate of baklava waiting fir me but I might have to leave it for after my nap. On Saturday, I booked the hotel for Paris in May, tickets to Sweden for my niece's 1st birthday party in June and a weeks holiday for me in Stockholm in July. We are also planning to go to Italy in August. THis summer is turning out to be superbusy! Going to sleep now before I fall alseep blogging.

New watch

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No one does it like C...

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Started with a cocoa cappuccino and a apple and cinnamon muffin
Shirin is wondering how the hell does this camera work :-)
bought a name bracelet each at the market
first ice cream of the year :-) it was yummy!!
The London skyline seen from the Greenwich Observatory
I carry my very own wind machine and like Tyra would say: Looking fierce ;-)
Like I said before, I love when Spring arrives and as there were plenty of flowers I felt I had to capture them with my camera.
Have a good evening

Today at the Greenwic...

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We are off to the market and the time line in Greenwich with our cameras and hopefully there will be no rain! The look for today is Chanel/Converse, a little it of glamour and alot of comfort :-)
I'll wear a coat on top of the jacket as I get cold easily. For those few who were following Nellie's walk in, bad news I have stopped that blog as I got bored with it, so now you are just gona have to follow this one as I might upload outfits of the day when I feel like it. I don't blog as much as I used to as I am feeling slightly bored with it and don't really see the point, but I will not stop, just cut down :-) Blog when I have something to say...

To the market

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and welcome Spring! Oh how I have missed you!!!! Spring is my favourite season of the year, it's when everything is new and the flowers are blossoming and people are generally happier as the they now know summer is on it's way.
Husband is off playing golf with the boys and I still haven't decided if I should leave the house or not today. THe house does need tidying and I need to do the laundry and unpack after Mexico but I don't know if can be bothered :-S This is what I look like at the moment though
I need a shower and some pampering, should paint my nails as I bought three new colours from O.P.I yesterday
I also bought these things this week, mostly skincare
I use this as my nightmoisturiser
Kiehls always works on my super sensitive skin, if I have been a bad girl or havent had the money to buy Kiels I always get spots and irritated pores, I use Kiehls and they go away almost immediately. My day cream is by Elizabeth Arden and is fantastic for me, givesw me all day moisture and glow.
At work I bought these three things for myself :-)
It's a brooch and looks much better "live" :-)
and in Marc by Marc Jacobs I bought this hand bag as a cute alternative to my Chanel. I have been looking at it for months and I was lucky it was still in stock
the chain is really long even on me adn when I need two hands free I can wear it across my body. The Chanelchain is too short for that...
Shirin and I have just decided to get dressed and go to Greenwich, so need to bid you farewell for now and get into the shower.
Hope you have a fabulous Sunday and first day of Spring, don't forget to layer up as it is not as warm as it might look ;-)

Good afternoon

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just wanted to let you know that I am alive :-) been working for a few days and am not feeling too well, stomach bug. We went out for dinner, Zizzi, and then met some friends in Westbourne Park in West London. We didn't stay for very long as we were both tired and everyone was sitting outside and it was not warm and everyone smokes but us, you know what I mean. I got an unexpected bonus from work with this salary so I have been shopping :-) I am off tomorrow and after I have cleaned the house I will upload pictures of what I have purchased.
Have a fabulous evening...xoxo


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and they are not heels :-)
going to wear them tomorrow on my day off :-)

My new shoes