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Chanel :-) me likey!!!

I am lusting for thes...

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went out with Shirin to my stepbrothers birthday drinks. Went with the intention not to drink too much and take the last tube home at 00.11. Going out thinking like taht is never good as it never stays the way you planned. Got to The Edge on Soho Square at around 8pm and was given a glass of Prosecco and then i was off on a prosecco binge drinking evening :-) me and vesa is a naughty combination!!!
this is at the beginning of the evening, nice and sober.
this is a few hours and a few bottles later :-)
had an amazing time and got home with the help of the night bus and a short cab ride at 3 am.
woke up feeling rubbish and everything spinning but now i feel better, I have even cleaned the house hahaha!!!
have missed going out with the boys and it was nice getting to know Vesa's best friend Laura a bit better as well :-) my dress is DVF, belt Primark, charm bracelet Juicy Couture and shoes New Look. Shirin's dress is Whyred and shoes New Look
now today is not at all as rock n roll as last night with husband watching Arsenal-Man united on tv.
thats all for now folks


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yesterday i went to St Pauls to see my friend and former manager Dee in Links of London. it was nice seeing her as it doesnt happen very often :-( i was good I brought her a grande caramel machiato from Starbucks... after the coffee i went for a short walk around the city, took some pictures of St Pauls and then off to tesco to buy catfood, poor dodger was left hungry all day!! such bad parents!!!
in the evening i went to cafe rouge with christine for a gossip session and to discuss the new man over a bottle of red wine, had a nice, cosy time :-)
today me and shirin went to the jobcentre in stepney for shirin to apply for her national insurance number, will take up to 8 weeks to process. then i went to the gym for hour and 15 minutes of walking, weights, swimming and then off to the steamroom for a while, very nice. will go back tomorrow :-)
will see if have anything to blogg about tomorrow

random stuff

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inspired by Alice in Wonderland the movie. Will wear on Saturday to Vesa's birthday party drinks in Soho, which i am looking forward to lots :-)

yesterdays little tre...

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my brothers yet to be born little baby :-)

new baby :-)

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Good morning,
Am off to Stepney with shirin to get her national insurance number, appointment for 9.30am will see how long we have to sit there :-)


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seems like I chose the easier language to blog in. Most of my friends are foreign or English speaking and my laptop doesn't have all of the letters of the Swedish alphabet. Anyway, i am now off to see Dee, my former manager of Links of London.

language has been cho...

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jaha, da har man blivit som alla andra och har skapat en blogg!!! far val se hur det gar och hur ofta man hamnar har. ska man skriva pa svenska eller engelska? ska jag skriva min livshistoria redan? hur manga e intresserade av vad jag har att saga? som sagt, vi far val se hur det gar nu da :-)


hors om ett tag (antar jag) :-)

Välkommen till min ny...