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I am back!! This weekend has been one of the busiest weekends in my life I think!! Have helped Husband with the kitchen, pampered mum all day yesterday, been hanging with the kids all day today and I squeezed in a 2 hour driving lesson today at 5pm, I am exhausted!!!! I'll show you pictures, but might not have many comments as I am tired :-)
Kitchen now has all the cupboards up, but still needs the brick tiles on the walls, will show you tomorrow :-)
Yesterday we went to Chanel's beauty counter in House of Fraser in Westfield's, where my mum has a make up consultation
Before Chanel
After Chanel, just as beautiful, just more polished :-)
Before the make up session we had breakfast at Apostrophe
Manicure time for mum and the picture shows the end result of the pampering session for the day :-)
Looking goooooooood!!!!!!! :-) Whilst my mum had her nails done Shirin and I went window shopping and I tried some hats on in River Island
Not sure either of them are me, what do you think? ;-)
After pampering, time for afternoon tea and a walking in Covent garden and Piccadilly circus
Off to China town and then Dirty Dancing the musical
Very busy day but filled with so much fun!!! I have a very happy mum sleeping in the small bedroom ;-)
Today we had a different kind of fun and busy, hanging with the kids for two days :-)
Hamleys and cupcakes was the plan for today :-)
On our way home :-) The day finished with roast chicken for dinner and a few hours of Playstation
Am now in bed ready to sleep for days :-)
Good night

Hey people...

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Watching Dirty Dancing the musical with my mamma and Tjingtjingpolska :-) Promise I will improve my blogging as soon as I have time :-S might be tomorrow but I doubt it. Have taken lots of pictures and will show after I have babysat for two days. Xoxo

At The Aldwych Theatr...

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As you can see the mud face mask is on, doing my nail after my looong shower :-) I am not meant to do hard labour like I did today! I am meant to be making the world prettier with fabulous shoes and outfits ;-) Hope you all have a great night! Xoxo

Pampering time :-)

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This is what it looked like this morning
Tonight we had our first home cooked meal in a week :-) Will take pictures tomorrow, am too tired to move my arse from the sofa ;-)
How was the carnival?

The before pictures.....

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Started putting the kitchen together this morning and haven't had time to stop, will show you before ans after pictures when its done :-) Hope you are enjoying your Sunday. Did you go to the Notting Hill Carnival? See you later Xoxo

it's getting there :-...

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Here is a picture of the new jacket my mum bought me today :-D it's £25 in Primark ;-) I think you can never be too d for your mum to buy you clothes :-D at least being 32 years old I get to pick them myself hahahaha Ill show you a beyyer picture tomorrow or on Monday. Tomorrow is build a kitchen day all day!! Hope you all sleep very well and I'll see you tomorrow, will then also try to take some pictures of the kitchen building process Good night people Xoxo Ps, welcome home Vesa, Andrew and Laura

my new jacket

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We did go shopping :-)

or my mum did and I watched :-) First we had breakfast in Starbucks on James street
Then off to Marc Jacobs on Mount street where mum bought a bright green canvas bag and a fist key ring, might show you later
I was lucky and was given a pair of heart sunglasses :-) which I really wanted and they were only £3.99 from a street vendor on Oxford street
for lunch we had scones with clotted cream and jam and coffee at Canteen
The scones are so yummy and so filling!! Also had some really good coffee
Tjingtjingpolska hard at work ;-)
will blog more later
By the way, Husband passed his flying test today!! He is now a qualified pilot ;-)

Today around town

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Having breakfast

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Today is the birthday of my FABULOUS friend Budtree :-)
I hope you'll have a fantastic birthday with lots of presents and love :-) There might be a little something in the post for you from me ;-)
Lots of love

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!

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Good morning,
How you all sleep? Did anyone go out partying last night? I slept OK, am still a little tired but the sun is shining so hopefully I'll wake up soon. Speaking if sleeping, my mum is still asleep and when I walked past her room, she was snoring!! ;-) We did get home late last night, took us three hours to get to Heathrow and then back home...
This is what I look like today on a day when I think we might be going to Oxford street for some retail therapy ;-)
Going for the romantic look today :-) Blouse: H&M, jeans: Dorothy Perkins, belt: Louis Vuitton, shoes: New Look, handbag: Chanel
What are your plans for today and the weekend?
See you later

Going shopping.... I ...

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I am off in a few minutes to Heathrow to pick my mamma up :-) Just need to show you my trench coat I bought in Primark 2 weeks ago, before my self imposed shopping ban and the welcome letter I have written to my mum...
Here is the letter:

♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥Welcome to IHOP♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥


IHOP: International House of Popovic.

I, Annelie Popovic, will be your hostess and it will be my pleasure taking care of you. In your holiday package breakfast, lunch and dinner is included as well as a make up session with a make up artist from Chanel, a manicure at the world famous shopping centre Westfield’s, afternoon tea at the Haymarket hotel and a visit to the theatre to see Dirty Dancing. We also have visits to the many art galleries and museum around London as well as cocktails and dinners planned.

Do not hesitate to ask for assistance and we hope your stay here with us will be FABULOUS!!!!


Activities of the week:

Saturday and Sunday to be confirmed

Monday 12 noon: Make up makeover with Chanel

2pm: Manicure

3pm: Afternoon tea at the Haymarket Hotel

5.30pm: Dinner at Bella Italia

7pm: Dirty Dancing at the Aldwych Theatre

Tuesday & Wednesday: babysitting of Ingrid and Mika, Hamleys and the Hummingbird bakery, Science museum and the Natural History Museum

Thursday: Tate Modern, the Victoria and Albert Museum and National Gallery (to be confirmed)

And here is the coat :-)

With the dress underneath

Without the dress (naughty!)

And a close up :-)

Whilst I pick up my mum, Husband will start the tiling of the kitchen floor! We are hoping to have the kitchen done at the end of this bank holiday weekend, wish us luck :-D

See you later


Picking up my mamma

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This is where my mamma will sleep :-)
It's not her birthday but I like the card so much I had to buy it now, couldn't wait until December :-)
What could be hiding in the Marc Jacobs bag???
It's heart shaped mirror!! I think is going to love it!! and she will cry, that's my mum! The most sensitive person on earth! I come in second place ;-)
Also yesterday, when I was shopping for work clothes, I couldn't resist the other stuff and bought two pairs of shoes in New Look and a skirt in Zara and a bag in Marc Jacobs!!! I slipped and before I knew I was at the till paying for it all!!! I couldn't help it!! In my defence it is all really cheap :-D
Now I really have to be good until my birthday, it's not that long and I have been better so far, usually I would buy something new everyday!!
See you later :-)

Mum's surprise :-)