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just did my nails, they have to be nude or pale for work... Xoxo

Surreal Violet

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Just had to show you this photograph from American Harper's Bazaar
This dress is a master piece!!! And Miss Barrymore looks amazing...

Drew Barrymore in Cha...

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Some of them are a little cheesy, some are very old, but all of them will bring memories back if you are Swedish. Apologies for those of you who don't understand this post

My Swedish play list

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Bon Jovi Hallelujah

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The original videos :...

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Nadine Coyle @ G-A-Y

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When we woke up Husband said he wanted to take me to breakfast at Carluccio's and after scrambled eggs, sautéed mushrooms, freshly squeezed orange juice and two lattes we went to the news agent got two magazines each and went to Starbucks for an hour or so and relaxed :-) It is one of my favourite things to do and I love it when Husband suggests it :-)
The dress it very short I know but I think it looks cute with flat shoes. I did buy opaque tights when we went to boots so next time they will cover up a bit more than the lace once I wore this morning. The dress is from Primark and is one of my recent purchases.
After a few hours in bed, catching up on X Factor amongst other things I made pesto pasta for late lunch/early dinner. When we were in Carluccio's we bought the pasta and the tartufo oil and I had pesto at home
Now X Factor with Bon Jovi, Rihanna and Jamioquai awaits and then The only way is Essex and other junk tv, it is a lazy Sunday after all


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Here are the pictures from last night as promised
Drinks at The Edge
Then off to G-A-Y at Heaven
John Adeleye from The X Factor, who got voted off last weekend...
Alexis Jordan, Jay-Z's new project
and the main attraction Nadine Coyle from Girls Aloud
Waiting for the taxi that never showed up
In the end Shirin and I took a black cab home...
It was a good night with lots of dancing or shall I say attempted dancing at least on my side ;-)
Check the link if you don't believe me :-)

G-A-Y@ Heaven nightcl...

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we got home at around 2am new time which is 3am old time. The Addison Lee car I had booked new showed up, or actually I got a text message an hour too late saying the car had arrived, so we had to take a black cab, the normal London taxi, and pay a little bit more. Husband is not working until later tonight so he brought me to Carluccio's in Canaru Wharf for breakfast and we are now in Starbucks drinking coffees, reading magazines and spending a few precious hours together :-) when I get home I'll upload a few pictures from last night... Xoxo

The day after...

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Dinner, drinks and dancing :-)
This is what I 'll looking like, it's not a Halloween costume and it is not fully dressed up either, I need to be comfortable. Strict instructions from Step brother, Wear comfortable shoes!
There you have it :-) It is a little 1980's :-)
The shopping centre I went to today looks like this
This is the view from the escalators
and the dress I bought in Topshop
The dress comes in white as well and is £55
Hope you have a fabulous evening and I'll see you tomorrow

I'm ready for the tri...

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I am sitting in Starbucks eating my rise and shine muffin(which is making me feel a little sick) and drinking my soylatte(which is burning my tongue). The shopping centre isn't quiet finished yet, the restaurants hasn't opened yet and there a few empty stores. If you are on a budget, don't come here as H&M is the cheapset store here. It looks flash and when you come up the escalators the view of St Pauls is magnificent, but it looks a little empty... Maybe after the new year they will have filled the empty shops and it might become a shopping destination. Conclusion: don't write it off just yet, give it a chance :-) I bought a gorgeous dress in Topshop! I went looking for accessories and walked out with a black dress with diamonte trims, it's a little WAG, but if I style it, it won't look like it's out of The only way is Essex ;-) Going home soon to tidy the house a little and get ready for tonight. Am meeting Shirin at 7 and the boys at 8 for dinner in Soho... Xoxo

I have sinned in St P...

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Hey there ;-)
I had a long sleep in today! woke up properly at 11.30, had a shower, did some face pampering, got dressed, straightened my hair, picked tonight's outfit, did my make up and now I am here showing you the day outfit. I am going to the new shopping centre, One new Change, in St Pauls to check it out and to have breakfast. Will probably find a Starbucks and read the December issue of InStyle which came in the post yesterday. Today's dress is from................... Primark!!!! I know I wear a lot of their stuff, but I like it and it's not so expensive so I can go there a lot and they always have new things in the deliveries so it is never boring :-)
The flowers are Calla lilies,
lily is my favourite flower. I had Casablanca lilies in my wedding bouquet and my Husband when he buys me flowers always buys lilies mixed with other flowers
I'll show you more pictures later when I get back from the shopping centre. Have to hang some laundry now...
Flower pictures by Pearlflowers,com and Milan.milanovic.org
Have a fabulous day