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I went to Westfield's shopping centre to day to meet up with Karen. As I was a bit early I did my shopping before I meet her so we could have a nice long Starbucks, which btw was buy one get one free, or BOGOF as people in the retail industry call it ;-) as Karen had a coupon. I like free things :-)
Cardigan Warehouse, patterned top Matthew Williamson for H&M, pink vest top Topshop, skirt H&M, belt Primark, shoes French Sole, hair band H&M, jewellery and watch Links of London
Before I left I did some cuddling with Dodger
but it looks like I bored him as he could stop yawning :-)
any way off i went, had Starbucks then we walked around a bit window shopping :-)
had to buy a lip balm/gloss with spf in it as I have very sensitive lips and I get cold sores in the sun
so came home with this little one and it smell divine!!
and a scarf/pashmina to keep me warm
my little bit of glamour for a winter holiday I don't usually go for :-)
Me and Jayden, Karen's youngest :-)
baby mama Karen and Jayden :-)
after two hours or so the little family had to go pick up big sister Jasmine from school, but I stayed on as I had a few cards to fill in and send so I went to. wait for it........................................................................................................................................................................................................................... Apostrophe for a large thick hot chocolate!!! Probably the best hot chocolate in the world, I dare say :-)
felt a little bit like a traitor for not going to my beloved Starbucks but I did have a huge latte with Karen so I'm pretty sure it will pass ;-)
here is a picture of the cards I bought as well
my sweet friend Karin gave birth to a baby boy at 05.37 this morning so I sent her a card. She is naming him Oscar, which I think is such a pretty name and if I ever have children and its a boy I would definitely consider Oscar as well. She lives in Gothenburg so it wouldn't really matter to her as our kids will not meet that often
the other cards are for Jayden who turns 1 on the 30th of march and for Luna who already turned 3 but will have a party a little later.
and these summer shoes are now on my wish list for a chic and cute summer
size 7 please, they are from Accessorize and cost £30 :-)
now I have to go back to my house wife duties and make dinner, it's meatballs, rice and cream sauce on the menu tonight. I really hope I'll be able to keep on writing in Italy, but it remains to be seen riiiiiiight?


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I usually write in the morning but today I got out of bed at a decent time for a change and went to Canada Water and Decathlon. As we are going to Italy on Saturday I needed to buy a warm, down coat and so I found one in the sale and it looked decent as well. Don't think I'll be wearing it often so don't really care :-) It is black and puffy. Not going to show a picture as it was a boring shopping trip, also bought three pairs of skiing socks and a pair of knitted, cold weather gloves, Boring , boring, boring :-)
Anyway I looked a little cute when I went there
The shorts are the ones I bought not long ago in Zara, top is Miss Sixty, cardigan Warehouse, hair band H&M
and then I went to the gym and worked out for hour and a half, think I've finally found what works for me, power walked for half an hour with a 4.5 incline, the cycled for half an hour and then I did weights and sit up and stretching for another half hour. Hopefully I will be able to keep that up when I come back from Italy and do it everyday and the last 7 kilos should go!!!!
Going out to dinner tonight with husband and Mr and Mrs P, going to Sam's brasserie in Chiswick and have changed the outfit slightly :-)
going for classic mono-chrome with a lace twist :-)
same shorts as before, lace cardigan Warehouse, shoe-boots New Look, boob-tube New Look, hair band H&M
there is the close up so you can see it's two pieces :-) difficult to shoot black as it doesn't photograph well
am starving!!!!!!! Silly me forgot to eat today, will make up at dinner. come on 8 o'clock!!
have to wake husband first though :-)
Tomorrow the plan is to see my lovely, gorgeous friend Karen in Westfield. I want to look for a dress I've seen, in New Look and see if they have a pair of trousers in Zara. Not that I'm allowed to buy anything but it can't hurt to look right?


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this beautiful, cool dress is not £75 from Topshop it's actually £55, even better right?


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went to central London today to meet up with Dinesha and she showed me this really cute little chocolate place that is also a cafe, very cute! its on Connaught Street W2 and is called Coco Maya.
playing tourist again ;-)
and Dinesha is playing tourist/poser as well :-D
y'all should all go there it is seriously cosy

chocolates and tea wi...

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Jumper: Sonia Rykiel for H&M, Trousers: Topshop, Vest underneath jumper: New Look, Jewellery Tiffany's and Links of London as usual, Belt not seen: Louis Vuitton, Shoes not on yet :-) : Primark
Yesterday's tiny little purchase: Hair bands form H&M
£2.99 for all five!
Today's fragrance is by:
Chloe eau de Parfume, love it!!! smell very chic ;-)
am off to meet up with Dinesha in a while, have been very lazy today, only done machine of laundry when I could have done all of it! just means I'll have to do it tomorrow as well as going to buy my winter jacket for Italy. Am a bit late for everything :-)

today's outfit

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hey again,
have just finished a long long conversation with Shirin about life. Life in Tensta and life in London, how different it is and how much harder it is in London than in Stockholm, in general. But how much I'd rather live in London than in Sweden. It's good that we come from the same place, almost the same background and the fact that we know what the the other one is talking about  and that the other one understands as no-one else will ever know what we are talking about as they haven't experienced our life before London.
Also, had lovely bottle of wine with lovely Nadine at Rocket in Mayfair tonight. Definitely don't see her enough, we always have such a good time, talking about men and girlfriends and life over a nice bottle of Merlot. Our next date is on the 19th, it's a Friday and she will be off at the weekend so can have 2 bottles of Merlot :-)
Am now waiting for husband to get home so i can go to bed. He's been to the dinner and cinema( a boy date :-) )with Dado to see Avatar....


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Grazia is out today and so I am bringing you my picks of the week and the must have items :-)
very chic and ladylike bag from Dolce & Gabbana. Not a bag i would want but it is very pretty to look at :-)
This dress I DO want though, coolest I've seen in a long time and it's only £75 in Topshop, maybe Christmas will come early this year? :-D
how about this lovely leather t-shirt? If you only buy one item, make it this one!
This dress just looks so designer and expensive, but it's neither!! £25 in New Look, amazing! Me likey alot!
In the spirit of Alice in Wonderland the movie. I would put these on my shelf and admire them everyday :-)
If you can't say anything nice about Christina Hendricks figure don't say anything at all!! she has the most amazing hour glass figure and people have the nerve to say that she is big. I'll would kill for her body any time :-)
and the last picture is of my all time favourite Sarah Jessica Parker and her lovely cot and fabulous Prada shoes
they make similar shoes in Topshop but they don't look as good and the have an exposed metal heal, which I think look very stripper like.
can't wait for Sex and the City 2 to come out, hurry up month of May, which this year is going to be my favourite month :-)

This weeks pick

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Look what arrived in the post this morning!!!!!!!
aren't they just soooo cute?!? I wonder who they might be for ;-) and Christine, I borrowed your idea from when Mika was born with the I heart... thing :-)
And todays outfit looks like this:
just DON'T look at the face :-D am on my way to the gym and havent put my real face on yet :-)
skirt: H&M, top: ASOS, cardigan: Warehouse, belt: Primark

today so far

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my favourite classic nail colour
the people at Chanel should hire me as their person on the ground promoting their stuff ;-)


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Nellie’s London guide




Hummingbird Bakery

47 Old Brompton Road

South Kensington


Tube: South Kensington



Patisserie Valerie

105 Marylebone High Street


Tube: Bond Street/Baker Street




Cabot Place East

Canary Wharf

E14 4QS

Tube: Canary Wharf



Department store:


400 Oxford Street


Tube: Bond Street


Cheap high street:


499 Oxford Street


Tube: Marble Arch


Cool high street:


Canada Place

Canary Wharf

E14 5HA

Tube: Canary Wharf



215 Oxford Street


Tube: Oxford Circus




Cheap shoes:

New Look

500 Oxford Street


Tube: Marble Arch


Boutique Street:

Marylebone High Street

Tube: Bond Street/Baker Street


Shopping street:

South Molton Street

Tube: Bond Street




132 Wigmore Street


Tube: Marble Arch



Victoria and Albert Museum

Cromwell Road


Tube: South Kensington



Reebok Sports club

16-19 Canada Square

Canary Wharf

E14 5ER

Tube: Canary Wharf


Crepe Cafe:

The Marylebone Creperie

74 Marylebone Lane


Tube: Bond Street/ Baker Street


Ballerina shoe boutique:

French Sole

61 Marylebone Lane


Tube: Bond Street/ Baker Street


Shopping centre:


Ariel Way

W12 7GF

Tube: White City/ Shepherd’s bush





Jubilee Place

Canary Wharf

E14 5NY

Tube: Canary Wharf


Molton Brown

Jubilee Place

Canary Wharf

E14 5NY

Tube: Canary Wharf


The White Company

12 Marylebone High Street


Tube: Bond Street/ Baker Street



68 Marylebone High Street


Tube: Bond Street/ Baker Street



Hot Chocolate:


23 Barrett Street


Tube: Bond Street


Italian restaurant:


Reuters Plaza

Canary Wharf

E14 5AJ

Tube: Canary Wharf


Farmers market:

Cramer Street Car park, Cramer Street

Marylebone, London


Tube: Bond Street/ Baker Street


Silver jewellery boutique:

Links of London

110 Marylebone High Street


Tube: Bond Street/ Baker Street





Food Store


16-19 Canada Square

Canary Wharf


E14 5EQ

Tube: Canary Wharf


Cool Shoeshop:

Kurt Geiger

65 South Molton Street


Tube: Bond Street





Tube: Canary wharf



La Senza

334-338 Oxford Street

W1C 1 JG

Tube: Bond Street



Marks and Spencer’s

458 Oxford Street


Tube: Marble Arch




La Duree

71 Burlington Arcade


Tube: Green Park



Afternoon Tea:

Haymarket Hotel

1 Suffolk Place


Tube: Piccadilly Circus



Ice cream:

Haagen Dasz

14 Leicester Square


Tube: Leicester Square




Pizza Express

13-14 Thayer Street

W1U 3 JR

Tube: Bond Street



Cocktail bar:

Mandarin oriental Hotel

66 Knightsbridge


Tube: Knightsbridge



Prince Regent

71 Marylebone High Street


Tube: Baker Street


Swedish food store:

32 Crawford Street

W1H 1 LS

Tube: Baker Street

What is yours?

My London

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This is my new money saving idea :-) I have made my very own piggy bank. Am going to put my life savings in here, which at the moment is.............. 40 pence!!!!
Shirin's rent money will go in here and i will try to save it and buy myself something nice...
that is my tip of the day

piggy bank

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Am sitting in the living room, husband is watching 24, not my favourite program. So I'm thinking I should upload some pictures for y'all to see, old and new, from my life here in London, where i have lived for 10 years in September :-)
this is from Sarajevo, my first time there in 2001 and husband's first time since leaving in 1992.
in New York, where he proposed. We are on the ferry to Statue of Liberty, in 2002
Our wedding in 2003 in East Sussex
honeymoon in Hawaii in 2003
At Ingrid's Christening, husbands niece and my god daughter in 2004
my sister in law and Ingrid and me :-)
at baby Mika's Christening in 2003
at husband's best friends birthday party in 2005
ok, one more and no more till some other time...
Me and baby Jasmine in 2006, My best friend Karen's daughter and my future god daughter. Going to her christening in June this year, am very excited as I'll be god mother to Jasmine and her baby brother Jayden.
time to go to bed

mixed pictures