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The weather is gorgeous, sun and blue skies but it is too hot for me :-( Really not enjoying it at all!! Hopefully others are enjoying :-)

There is something...

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Dress and top: Primark, necklace: Accessorize, bracelet and earrings: Tiffany&Co, watch: Links of London
I have a midwife appointment today and then I'll concentrate on the laundry that seems to be piling up...
Dodger, perhaps the laziest cat in the world? He sure is cute though :-D

Today's outfit

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Before I left to have a coffee with Keris, I did my own little photo shoot in the hallway. I decided yesterday that I want to remember what I looked like pregnant in a few years time. As it was a naked shoot, only wore my Louboutins and my Tiffany earrings and bracelet, this picture below is the only one I am willing to show you. As you can see, you can't really see anything but the bump :-) The other pictures are  for me and my Husband to look at when we are grey and old :-D


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Blazer and dress: H&M, headband: New Look, sandals: Primark...
It looks like it is very hot outside so I doubt I'll be wearing the blazer much today, might not even bring it :-s Must remember to drink a lot of water today, I get so hot quickly now...

Bows and Ruffles

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Yesterday I went to Bond Street tube station to mee tup with Shirin and do some shopping. I have 29 days left officially of the pregnancy so I think it was one of the last trips into town for me. Just have to buy Husbands birthday present next week and meet Keris for a coffee today and then I will resort to Stratford or internet shopping :-)
We met up in Starbucks but didnt stay there, went to Marc by Marc Jacobs where I bought a keyring, necklace, bracelet and a t-shirt
As I got attitude from the sales advisor (I'm obviously not cool enough to shop there) I need a drink ad since it was hot outside Shirin got me a Iced Latte
Then off to New Look where I got two blouses and a hairband. Shirin got the coolest leather trousers!! Don't know if she will show them on her blog...
After New Look we went to John Lewis to close the baby gift list and buy the remaining items on the list and I also needed to go to the foodhall to buy dinner. I made Pyttipanna (fry up) with fried eggs and beetroot
Grazia was waiting for me when I got home so after dinner I had look through it whilst drinking my 
Coconut water
Just before bed I took pictures of my purchases, with my BlackBerry, as I couldn't be bothered to go down stairs for the G11 camera.
The very last thing I did was to paint my nails. This time I used Revlon. I used two different nailvarnished, one is matte an I can't remeber the name of it and the top coat is Facets of Fuchsia
Just had my breakfast, will rest a bit and then take pictures of today's outfit :-)

Yesterday in pictures

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been too tired to blog about today's shopping. pigged out on some posh chocolate earlier this evening and have watched britain and irelands next top model the final. i am now ready for bed. promise ill show you what i bought tomorrow :-) xoxo


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cleaner is gone and I am ready to leave the house. Don't know what to buy today, the two cute blouses I have seen or shoes (haven't found any yet though) I odn't need any of them. When I say shoes I mean heels of course. I do need flats but they are so boring to buy!! Anyway, will show you later what I'll get from New Look and then Marc by Marc Jacobs where I think I might get a perfume, hmmmm...
This is what I look like today, a lacey take on a ballerina look, what do you say?
Pleated dress and patent brogues: Primark
Blazer: H&M, lace slip: M&S, brooch: Vintage, jewellery and watch: Links of London and Tiffany&Co. Can't remeber where the headband is from though, bag: Louis Vuitton, birthday present from Husband :-)
See ya later


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Hope you all slept well. I did, considering I usually have to get up to go to the loo about three times a night, only got up twice :-) The reason I am up this early is the cleaner is here. I am leaving the house at about 1pm to meet up with Shirin to spend my gift cards at New Look and Marc Jacobs :-D Will upload a outfit of the day before I go...
Hope you have a good one

Good morning

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Have been to the vet with Dodger, who skin allergy is getting better but hasn't yet healed. Poor cat hates going in to his box and meows all the way there :-( He was even shaved a little today and when I tried to get him to come inside just now, he refused. Doesn't trust me anymore I guess, poor baby :-(
Have also been to Belgique in Wanstead for a coffee with the girls, always a pleasure to see them even if it sometimes is a shorty...
I wore: black dress from Primark, with a belt and handbag from Louis Vuitton and shoes by Converse
Silver pearl bracelet, XOXO ring and earrings: Tiffany&Co, cocktail ring, watch and skull bracelet: Links of London
Painted my nails this morning with Paradoxal by Chanel. Spending the rest of the day at home, resting and tidying a bit and then making dinner for Husband tonight, Meatballs and mash :-)

Monogram and Converse

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It is 11 years to the day today that I moved to London and changed my life forever and for the better :-) Moved in with The Man straight away, why waste time, right? :-)
Yesterday, we had a date in the evening. We were both really tired but since there were no food at home we had to go out and in the end had a good time :-) We went to our local Italian restaurant called L'Infinito in Wanstead, on the high street.
Dress: Vintage by Beyond Retro (not maternity), earrings: Vintage, belt: Primark, heels: New Look
This is what I am wearing today:
Sequin jumper: Topshop (bought last season in Stockholm in the sale), skirt: H&M
The plan for today is to stay at home, be lazy and watch Formula 1 :-) Have to do some laundry and sort out the walk-in as we have a new chest of drawers that needs to go in there...
When I was helping out with the kids last week, my brother in law gave me a New Look giftcard as a thank you so next week I am going shopping again. I also got a gift card from Marc Jacobs from Shirin. Don't you just love free shopping?!? :-) These are the things I have been looking at at New Look
What do you think? Cute huh?
Hope you all have a good Sunday...

Two outfits

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After travelling back and forth to Kent this week I am now feeling very tired. I haven't slept well either, but I guess I better get used to it for when baby arrives :-) This morning I drove us to Wanstead, where Husband went to the barber for a haircut and I went to the postoffice to send our thank you cards. The postoffice also hold the Wanstead Chemist where I bought the stretchmark oil I use on my belly to fight off the stretchmarks that might come with the pregnancy. I got a clear lipgloss as well as the oil, both from Clarins. Which is turning out to be one of my favourite brands for skincare. When buying two items I got a make-up bag with some samples in it. Hand cream, mascara, showergel, cleanising gel and beauty flash balm. As well as the skincare I bought a new hairband. Well, not new, as I am just replacing the one I gave to Ingrid a few weeks ago. After the shopping I went to meet up with Husband at Starbucks and then I drove us to B&Q and then home. Tonight we might go out to dinner, depending on how I/we feel :-)

The P's gave me a giftcard for my birthday from Topshop and here is a close up of the shoes I bought (I know I showed you a picture before but this is one I took last night. Painted my nails yesterday, changed it to Graphite by Chanel, I need to repaint some nails as they got smudges when I straightened my hair
The four leaf clover is what Karen gave me for my birthday :-) and the rest of the jewellery are pictures of what I am wearing today as I haven't taken a Outfit of the day picture. They are all by Tiffany&Co or Links of London
Yesterdays outfit: Jumper and jeans: Primark, shirt: H&M, earrings: Topshop

And this is what I look like today. Feeling as tired as I look :-) Hopefully I'll be back to "norma"l tomorrow



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Today I had a midwife appointment (all is good) and then I went to Westfield in Stratford as I got a giftcard from Topshop from the P's for my birthday. I had seen these heels on their website and wanted to try them on to make sure they weren't too high (I'm finding it hard to stay away from the superhigh heels. Let's face it, once the baby is born, when will I ever wear them??) Anyway, I got these faux ponyskin leopard print heels. They are high, but not superhigh...
Since autumn is definitely here, I had to buy some candles for the house with a distinct autumn fragrance. They had spicy cranberry in John Lewis but I think it is more suitable for Christmas, which is when I will buy that fragrance, so I bought the Fig and Vetivert and it smells just autumn enough :-)
Got Thank you cards from Paperchase, need to send them to everyone who has bought the baby a gift and to everyone who came to the party...
At the moment I can't sleep very well at night, at home or away, so I am feeling very lazy and also looking it :-) Tomorrow is the last time I pick the kids up from school and then I get a ride home from Kent as well. We have no plans for the weekend, but since I haven't seen Husband since Tuesday morning I'm hoping there will be some husband and wife time :-)
When I was browsing and looking what to buy in Topshop, I tried this dress on and it suits and fits me perfectly, but I decided to go for the shoes instead. I might have to go back for this dress though as I can't stop thinking about it :-) I just love the pattern and the pink collar and its £50, so not super expensive.
I also tried these heels on and I might have to ask my mum to get them for me as a belated birthday present. I will never wear them as they are waaaaaaay to high even for me but they are so pretty I might have to buy them just to have them in my collection. I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE them!!!!

Figs and Leopard p...