I'm back from the dentist, am a little bit in pain as she has removed five years of red wine and Starbucks, not a pretty sight. Teeth are now clean and white again, have to go every six months to keep this up :-)
Today has been a strange day, have felt funny an d tired all day, fell asleep in the armchair and slept for over an hour. Now I have been pampering myself, chocolate face mask, exfoliating, spray tan, painted my toe nails and put clean nail varnish on my fingers etc
toes are now green, but OPI green :-)
Made an appointment with the hairdresser. Going there on Friday to chop my hair off, Husband doesn't approve, well he approves of cutting it just not short :-) so I have a picture I'll bring to the hairdresser as a reference. I want it longer and straighter but should length, if that makes sense?
and less layering. Do we like or is it awful? I want a fresh new look for summer and I think this will be a sexier look :-) It's only hair right? It will grow back...

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