Shopping spree

Today me and Shirin went to the V&A ( Victoria and Albert museum) for the Grace Kelly exhibition, was very good but a lot smaller than I thought it would be... They have managed to acquire her actual Academy award statue, her Hermes bag and plenty of other amazing things, especially loved the dresses, lots of Christian Dior :-) You are not allowed to take pictures at the exhibition but I managed to squeeze one in anyway. It was a miracle we got to see it in the first place as I had a dentist appointment at 12.30 which I totally forgot bout when I booked the tickets. I booked Grace Kelly for 1pm, obviously wasn't going to make it but went anyway and was prepared to lie to get in but didn't have they let us in without any problems :-)
After Grace Kelly we walked to Knightsbridge
where we took the 137 bus to Marble Arch and Primark for a little shopping spree. I bought
all for £41, good huh? The black and white maxi dress is an almost exact copy to the ACNE one and that one is £125 and mine is £11... After Primark, back on the bus to go to Topshop in Oxford Circus where I bought to bags of sweets and Shirin bought a few necklaces in the sale. She also got 3 dresses and 3 belts in Primark. All in all, we have had a very good but exhausting day! have had some pesto pasta and a glass of red wine and am feeling almost back to normal again, my feet are still sore. I wore my Dior wedges, they look amazing but kill me feet! My motto is: Beauty before comfort. Think I'm getting to old for uncomfortable things now though, or that is how I feel. My step brother would not be happy he heard I am criticizing glamour, he might disown me now :-(
it is now TV and crisps time and then bed time, have to go to the hygienist tomorrow at 9am!! Very erly fir me and then it is time for the gym!! Busy, busy, busy!!
Just wanted to say well done to my step brother who today was accepted at the University of Westminster and their Buying programme. I am very proud of you and very happy for you!!! Lots of kisses

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