mixed pictures

Am sitting in the living room, husband is watching 24, not my favourite program. So I'm thinking I should upload some pictures for y'all to see, old and new, from my life here in London, where i have lived for 10 years in September :-)
this is from Sarajevo, my first time there in 2001 and husband's first time since leaving in 1992.
in New York, where he proposed. We are on the ferry to Statue of Liberty, in 2002
Our wedding in 2003 in East Sussex
honeymoon in Hawaii in 2003
At Ingrid's Christening, husbands niece and my god daughter in 2004
my sister in law and Ingrid and me :-)
at baby Mika's Christening in 2003
at husband's best friends birthday party in 2005
ok, one more and no more till some other time...
Me and baby Jasmine in 2006, My best friend Karen's daughter and my future god daughter. Going to her christening in June this year, am very excited as I'll be god mother to Jasmine and her baby brother Jayden.
time to go to bed

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