This weeks pick

Grazia is out today and so I am bringing you my picks of the week and the must have items :-)
very chic and ladylike bag from Dolce & Gabbana. Not a bag i would want but it is very pretty to look at :-)
This dress I DO want though, coolest I've seen in a long time and it's only £75 in Topshop, maybe Christmas will come early this year? :-D
how about this lovely leather t-shirt? If you only buy one item, make it this one!
This dress just looks so designer and expensive, but it's neither!! £25 in New Look, amazing! Me likey alot!
In the spirit of Alice in Wonderland the movie. I would put these on my shelf and admire them everyday :-)
If you can't say anything nice about Christina Hendricks figure don't say anything at all!! she has the most amazing hour glass figure and people have the nerve to say that she is big. I'll would kill for her body any time :-)
and the last picture is of my all time favourite Sarah Jessica Parker and her lovely cot and fabulous Prada shoes
they make similar shoes in Topshop but they don't look as good and the have an exposed metal heal, which I think look very stripper like.
can't wait for Sex and the City 2 to come out, hurry up month of May, which this year is going to be my favourite month :-)

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