I usually write in the morning but today I got out of bed at a decent time for a change and went to Canada Water and Decathlon. As we are going to Italy on Saturday I needed to buy a warm, down coat and so I found one in the sale and it looked decent as well. Don't think I'll be wearing it often so don't really care :-) It is black and puffy. Not going to show a picture as it was a boring shopping trip, also bought three pairs of skiing socks and a pair of knitted, cold weather gloves, Boring , boring, boring :-)
Anyway I looked a little cute when I went there
The shorts are the ones I bought not long ago in Zara, top is Miss Sixty, cardigan Warehouse, hair band H&M
and then I went to the gym and worked out for hour and a half, think I've finally found what works for me, power walked for half an hour with a 4.5 incline, the cycled for half an hour and then I did weights and sit up and stretching for another half hour. Hopefully I will be able to keep that up when I come back from Italy and do it everyday and the last 7 kilos should go!!!!
Going out to dinner tonight with husband and Mr and Mrs P, going to Sam's brasserie in Chiswick and have changed the outfit slightly :-)
going for classic mono-chrome with a lace twist :-)
same shorts as before, lace cardigan Warehouse, shoe-boots New Look, boob-tube New Look, hair band H&M
there is the close up so you can see it's two pieces :-) difficult to shoot black as it doesn't photograph well
am starving!!!!!!! Silly me forgot to eat today, will make up at dinner. come on 8 o'clock!!
have to wake husband first though :-)
Tomorrow the plan is to see my lovely, gorgeous friend Karen in Westfield. I want to look for a dress I've seen, in New Look and see if they have a pair of trousers in Zara. Not that I'm allowed to buy anything but it can't hurt to look right?

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