hey again,
have just finished a long long conversation with Shirin about life. Life in Tensta and life in London, how different it is and how much harder it is in London than in Stockholm, in general. But how much I'd rather live in London than in Sweden. It's good that we come from the same place, almost the same background and the fact that we know what the the other one is talking about  and that the other one understands as no-one else will ever know what we are talking about as they haven't experienced our life before London.
Also, had lovely bottle of wine with lovely Nadine at Rocket in Mayfair tonight. Definitely don't see her enough, we always have such a good time, talking about men and girlfriends and life over a nice bottle of Merlot. Our next date is on the 19th, it's a Friday and she will be off at the weekend so can have 2 bottles of Merlot :-)
Am now waiting for husband to get home so i can go to bed. He's been to the dinner and cinema( a boy date :-) )with Dado to see Avatar....

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