today's outfit

Dress: ASOS, belt: River Island, Hair: woke up like that :-)
I woke up at 10 thought it was too early to get up as I went to bed at 1am, so I fell asleep again and woke up at 1pm :-) Have done minimal makeup and haven't even brushed my hair so will go for proper bohemian look today! Don't have much planned for today, just going to Starbucks in Wanstead with Tjingtjingpolska and Mythe and then I'll have to go home again to study for my theory test tomorrow morning. Studied for 2 hours yesterday by doing the mock test 7 times and failed twice. Tomorrow I will only get one chance an I also have to do the hazard perception  test. I feel like I'll pass but know I'll fail if that makes any sense at all :-)
Forgot to show you what Tjingtjingpolska bought me the other day
that's the belt I am wearing from River Island and a little Paris purse from Accessorize :-) Me love them alot :-)
Will blog ya later to let you know how my studying is going. As you can probably tell I am not a very good student and I don't like to study or to be taught, just like to find out stuff on my own, maybe there is a rebel punk rocker in me under all the pink tulle and chiffon layers?!? :-)
have a fabulous day!!

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