Devon 2011

This bank holiday weekend we drove to Devon to our friends Mark and Terry. As they live in the countryside, they have lots of animals, it was a perfect occassion to bring out the camera and take lots of pictures. So if you are not into animals this post won't be that interesting to you, I'm afraid.
Odo the kitten
Georgie and Odo
Being licked on my ear by Teddy wasn't my idea of a good cuddle,
but he quickly figured that out and stopped the kinky stuff :-)
Tiggs, the Garfield look-a-like long hair cat
On Sunday we went to Dartmouth on a day trip. Took a boat trip around the harbour, then went for cream tea and then back to the house for a comfy tv evening on the sofa
Today, it was of to Exmouth before we headed back home to London. Husband and Spike the Belgian Shepherd
I haven't slept well at all this weekend but we have had a wonderful one, so can't really complain. But I am too tired to elaborate on the pictures, I think they speak for themselves. Going to have an early night tonight.




Härliga bilder!!

Svar: Men gulle du! Så himla snällt att du erbjuder dig! Har dock ordnat så att jag får den hemskickad men tusen tack för att du erbjöd dig. Stor kram

2 Stina i London - Sveriges Basta Londonblogg:


Beautiful and thank you for pictures of my beloved Dartmouth, can't get enough of that!! xx

3 Johanna:


Härliga bilder!!

Förstâr att du längtar efter en cosmo, det är nog den drinken jag föredrar mest!

Men som tur är har du ju nâgot ännu härligare att se fram emot :)


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