5am wake up

I stayed up chatting to Husband until almost 2am  and then I woke up at 5 and couldn't really go back to sleep! Did eventually manage to sleep again but I have problems getting comfortable and I have a sore throat, so this is not a good week for me! Poooooo!! Since I feel and more importantly look like shit, the best thing to do is to stay at home and do laundry which is exactly what I am doing. Only a sleep and a half until I go to Sweden and meet Husband there :-) Taxi arrives at 4.30 on Saturday morning, that's why it is a sleep and a half.
I do hope you have a had a much better night than me. Maybe it is nature getting me ready for even less sleep in the near future, naughty nature!


1 Claire:


You poor thing. =) du får sova lite middag mellan tvättarna, power nap. ;) jag funderar faktiskt på att ta en week-end i London om jag nu tar semester. =) då måste vi ta en fika.

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