Curly wurly hair

I couldn't decided whether I should turn my trousers up or keep them down so had to take pictures to see which looked the best as the full length mirror is upstairs.
In the end full length looked the best with these heels
Jacket, top adn trousers are all from H&M. The trousersa re from the mens department and are very comfortable and the length is perfect as well, especially when I wear heels.
the brooch is Karl Lagerfelt for Atelier Swarovski. I got it when I worked for Swarovski but it is not for sale anymore.
The ring is from River Island
When I moved to London almost 11 years ago, I decided that having more than one piercing in each ear wasn't classy so I took them out. Recently, I took out my nipple and belly piercing, and started to "miss" the ear piercings I used to have. I tried to put small studs in the old holes and it was like I never took them out :-)
I don't think I will always wear them like this, it looks quiet busy, but occassionally it could be fun...
I had a quickie lunch with Nadine at Paul's at Mayfair today and later I had a Starbucks with Shirin in Marylebone. Also went to Selfridge's and bought American Vogue. I am all alone until Saturday and decided I needed some comfort and company. Going to make some tea, I am getting ill and when you are pregnant you can only take paracetamol and it is n't really helping, eat the only chocolate bar I have left and make myself some dinner and then I will enjoy my Vogue with Penelope Cruz on the cover.
Hope you have good evening


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Hallå där :) Kul att du kikade in hos mig.

Nej nej, du har missuppfattat.... handlar inte om att jag inte vill vara en "sån" utan precis som du säger, att man ska göra det man själv vill och känner för. Och det kan ju vara just det att skaffa barn & familj å allt :)

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Ah ok, då e jag me! Lite trög idag, typ...

Ja, fler borde bli bättre på att följa sitt hjärta :)

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