My shoe collection part 4 Designer collaborations

The fourth part of the shoe collection story is all about the beloved designer collaborations on the high street which we all love as they are designed by the great designers of the fashion world but produced by the high street chains we all frequent, and are all then available at affordable prices.
Jimmy Choo and H&M
Vivienne Westwood and Melissa
Vivienne Westwood and Melissa
Lanvin and H&M
Lanvin and H&M, christmas gift from Shirin
Georgina Goodman and Evans
Georgina Goodman and Evans
Giles Deacon and New Look, as you can see from the dust they haven't been worn in a long time :-P
Giles Deacon and New Look, never worn as they are a bit big
And the final part will be all about the designers, the few that I have :-)

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