Hyde Park

Last Wednesday Astrid and I met up with Shirin and my stepbrother for a walk and a mini picnic in Hyde Park. I felt like doing something different and as Shirin had a day off and stepbrother was on annual leave we decided that Hyde Park would be the best child-friendly place to go. Astrid had fun, walking and exploring and we all got to chat and hang out.
         We started our walk to the Palace and the change of guards. Too many tourists though...
          We walked and walked and finally got to the lake and chose a tree to sit underneath for some shade, strawberries and pretzels
       After a while Stepbrother had to leave and Astrid needed a nap so Shirin and I went to Starbucks and then walked back to Green Park station where we parted ways. Astrid and I went home and Shirin met up with a friend.
       One of the few original doubledecker buses still in service
We all had a great day and it has to be done again!

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