Out of the ordinary

I dont show alot of skin on the blog or in real life either, I don't feel comfortable wearing shorts or short skirts and dresses. Especially not in the summer, I'll wear them in the winter when I can hide my imperfections (read: dimply ass) under a pair of opaque tights ;-) 
However, since starting this healthier eating and the Tracy Anderson work out, I have started to feel tons better about myself. I can feel the work out changing my flab into fab :-) I htought I would show you before after and after pictures of me in a bikini!!! Close your eyes now as it might scar you for life :-P
This is me in 2008 and it's what I look like with out any exercising or dieting (not the most flattering bikini or pose)
Croatia 2009 after I went to the gym four times a week, at a lot better and lost 10 kilos in weight 
And finally, this is what I looked liked last year in Croatia after giving birth to Astrid 8 months earlier
 As you can clearly see, I have some work to do :-P I have never been a small or skinny girl but I am determined to get back to where I was before I had Astrid. I have now started to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner with very little snacking inbetween. If I do snack its on fruit, vegetable or nuts and I drink more tea than before. I do eat junk as well, but I don't go out to the shops to buy it. I have dessert if we are having dinner out, but I might not have a starter. It worked last time so I hope it will work again :-D
Wish me luck!!

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