The workout

I'm giving Husband a much needed sleep in and I thought I should tell you about my work out
. I started the Tracy Anderson Mat Workout a week ago. I have been doing it 5 days out of seven and I feel it working already. My butt is rounder and a bit firmer, my arms are a bit tighter and my breathing is getting better. There are a few moves I can't do because of my hip (I have been doing them anyway and I am now paying for it) and others I cant do because I'm not coordinated enough, I find it hard, but I love how it makes me feel afterwards and the fact that I can do it from home when Astrid is asleep, either napping or for the night, and it doesn't feel like it's an hour long. It takes an hour including warm up and cool down. I never liked going to classes at the gym, I'm not a very social person and I don't like being told what to do or being singled out (which has happened at the few classes I've taken) so this at home work out is perfect for me and when I bought it, it was £5 on Amazon. 
I have also changed my diet. I now try to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner with very little snacking in between. If I do snack its on nuts, fruit or vegetables. I also drink alot more tea than before. For example, I had half a cucumber, and oramge and a cup of green tea with honey last night after the work out. I have to also admit that I do go to bed hungry but I am getting used to that ;-)
Now getting my morning coffee and breakfast


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I am soo proud of you.You doing very well.Love you. :-)

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